Sunday, June 04, 2006

Solution overview

ambiLOG’s clear and well-organised user inter-face makes it easy to use even for
beginners. The standard ambiLOG version runs on any Windows PC or server. There is an optional web-client called ambiLOG Web which lets you use all ambiLOG features over the internet. In addition ambiLOG can also send reports automatically by email. The power of ambiLOG Queries are one of ambiLOG’s most powerful features. With queries, you can easily sort and filter large and small files containing call data. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the relevant search criteria in the order you need. The result: an instantaneous structured overview of all the data.
The reporting features with ambiLOG make this a valuable tool for monitoring costs within your business. You can see at a glance which users, projects, departments or extensions have generated the highest costs and how much time has been spent on the phone. And, the option to see a concise overview of the top 10 highest costs as well as a detailed report with all connections allows you to spend just as much time as you need managing your business. You even have the choice of how to view the reports - in text or graphical form. Customisable for your business with fully automated operation ambiLOG features can be implemented to reflect the internal structure of your company such as departments, project groups and employees. In addition, users can be imported from your SwyxServer and linked to extensions and user information created in ambiLOG. Once configured, ambiLOG works fully automatically if you want it to. By setting up schedules, ambiLOG can automatically gather date from the SwyxServer and generate reports which can be sent to you via email. Features of ambiLOG web

• Additional web-based module for ambiLOG
• Additional web browser interfaces available
• All reports from ambiLOG available
• Automatic synchronisation with ambiLOG
• Easy to use with your web browser
• Multilingual
• Supports Linux, Unix and Windows platform
AmbiLOG: call accounting for SwyxWare

For the vast majority of businesses, telephony is still the most popular form of business communication. Therefore it is critical that the effectiveness of this tool is easy to monitor and account for. For example, do you know which parts of your business generate the highest calling costs, or how many calls fail to reach you because of busy lines, or when exactly your peak hours are?
Many modern computer-based PBXs can provide customers with a wealth of valuable data but that data is often hidden in endless columns of numbers. ambiLOG is a flexible and convenient tool that works in conjunction with SwyxWare to make the available information easy to analyse.


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