Friday, November 24, 2006


Hygiene is the maintenance of healthy practices. In modern terms, this is usually regarded as a particular orientation to cleanliness. The word Hygiene originates as a reference to Hygieia, who was a daughter of Asclepius and the deity of health, cleanliness and sanitation. The related term personal grooming means to improve one's physical appearance or appeal for others, by removing obvious imperfections in one's appearance or civilizing one's hygiene.

Outward signs of good hygiene take in the absence of visible dirt or of bad smells. Since the expansion of the germ theory of disease, hygiene has come to mean any perform leading to the absence of harmful levels of microorganisms.

Good hygiene is a support to health, beauty, comfort, and social interactions. It directly aids in disease prevention and disease segregation.

Washing is the most common instance of hygienic behavior. Washing is often done with soap or detergent which helps to eliminate oils and to break up dust particles so they may be washed away.


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