Thursday, September 10, 2009

Astronomers on Centaurus galaxy

Astronomers said that Centaurus A a new found galaxy emits a radio glow covering an area about 200 times bigger than the full moon.

With the radio wave information, a team has formed the image of the galaxy which lies some 14 million light-years away, in the constellation and has a black hole that is 50 million times the mass of the Sun. This image will help the astronomers to understand about the evolution of galaxy and about black holes.

On this information Centaurus A is so big and bright galaxy and that no one would have ever tried making such an image.

The astronomers used CSIRO's Australia Compact Array telescope near Narrabri, NSW, to view the galaxy for more than 1200 hours, over several years and got 406 individual images, which were mosaic together to make one large image.

Centaurus A is the nearby of the galaxies with a big black hole producing radio glow, which makes it the easiest to study.


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