Sunday, June 03, 2007

Soul Bags

A Soul Bag is a bag used by Warlocks to hold more Soul Shards than they would normally be able to carry in conventional containers. The soul bag consumes a regular container slot, however, so it reduces the number of available slots for non-Soul Shard items. The value of the trade-off is up to the individual Warlock.

Soul Shards harvested by the Warlock are automatically stored in an equipped Soul Bag when acquired, making tedious Soul Shard housekeeping a thing of the past. Helpfully, soul bags also display the number of soul shards stored within them on the bag icon on the container toolbar.

Note that only Soul Shards can be stored in Soul Bags and if you wish to convert a Soul Shard into any other type of inventory item you will need extra space in your normal bags.


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