Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Animal Rights Terrorism

Animals through out the world are terrorized day per day, whether it’s for the use of cheap food, safe medicines or the making of a new product. The opinion of many people is that the use of animals for medicine and product making can be decreased. Because of not able to help the helpless animals in the factories, farms, or laboratories when being put to wrong use is physical cruelty. The Cruelty which has been shown to animals is degrading and considered to be wrong.
Animal Rights are much more important, if not equally important to human rights. Animals has been included among multi-cellular organisms that have a defined shape, limited growth, can move voluntarily, actively acquire food and digest it internally. They are also having senses and nervous systems that allow them to respond to stimuli, as humans require with great similarity.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Deserve to live

What the fear we have is not suffering or even death….. And what we fear is that we have wasted life ….
That our highest calling will may go unanswered” one day in a dream I met the most beautiful soul She whispered “do you know what your purpose of being a human being“. So try to fill the world with your awareness I remember thinking not too terribly long ago that I knew everything and I had it all figured out. I have traveled to many different places through out the world. Two years ago I began to realize the world is not all about me and my life, and what mood I happen to be in at the time. I need a family of my own to carry on that legacy. The lovable memories I have are helping others in their time of need whether it be money or time.
When I first thought about why I might have born and exist or what is my purpose is in life.
My personal contemplation defines the unique meaning of my life, path, passage, journey, quest or adventure. I also donated time to the soup kitchen feeding dinner to the homeless. To live, on this earth; We are just how truly lucky I am that all of the circumstances aligned that I grew up in such a prosperous country, in a wonderful family, with the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. The small box in which I was living in became opened. My parents confirmed me with knowledge to excel in my adult life. And also I was blessed as a child and my parents provided me with the best life that they could give me. I lived in downtown and see people cold and hungry. I am a child augmenting all of the great things my parents have done. During the holiday season seems to be the time where everyone looks around to the needy, although these people need help year round. But, now he might have lost that and it is time for me to take care of him and give back what he has given to me. The country in which we live in today is filled with materialism and over abundance of wealth that other countries could only dream of.